Referral Request:

For your convenience, if your insurance plan requires you to obtain a referral from us, you are just a phone call away.  Contact our office at 201-652-0300 ext 12 and the nurse will get back to you within 48 hours (excluding weekends). 


Refill Request:


You can contact us directly for a refill of your prescription at 201-652-0300 ext 12 However, to get your script in a more timely manner, please contact your pharmacy and they will contact us directly for you! 


Please note that if the refill is for a controlled medication (such as most ADHD medications), we will not be able to phone in the refill to the pharmacy; you will have to come to our office to pick up the actual prescription.


Also be aware that controlled medications require a recheck in our office prior to a refill being given to the patient.